The Step By Step Guide To Tree Stump Grinding


When you have a tree on your property cut down, the price will generally not include the removal of the stump. If you have a stump in your garden that you need to get rid of, you should look at grinding it yourself. There are a number of steps that you need to take to do this and you need to complete these steps as safely as possible.

Clearing The Area

The first step to grinding a stump is to remove any rocks from around the edge and base of the stump. You can do this with a shovel or a mattock. It is important that you do this as the rocks will damage or dull the teeth of the cutting wheel you are going to use.

Trim The Stump

Once you have cleared all the rocks from the base of the stump, you need to trim it down. You should use a chainsaw to carefully cut the stump close to the ground. It is important that you have the correct safety equipment on when using a chainsaw and ensure that no-one is in line with the blade. It is possible to skip this step and start grinding the stump, but this will speed up the overall job. If you have any questions tree service burleson is here to help ensure the best quality, safety is always number one!

Using The Grinder

Once you have trimmed the stump, you can start using the grinder wheel. You should use the hydraulic lift on the grinder to raise the wheel to a few inches above the stump. You should then drive the machine forward so the wheel is directly over the front edge of the stump. Next, you can start spinning the wheel and then slowly lower it approximately 3 inches into the stump.

You should use the hydraulic lever to swing the wheel from side to side slowly. This will clear out the wood in the area. Once you have reached 4 inches, you will need to raise the wheel and move the machine forward a few inches before starting the process again. While you are using this machine, you need to remain at the control panel at all times. This is located close to the rear of the machine and away from the cutting wheel.

Clean The Area

The grinding of the stump will happen slowly and you need to continue to grind it until you have reached the rear edge of the stump. At this point, you will need to stop and check that the stump has been ground to at least 4 inches below the ground level. This is important because it creates a hole that you will be able to fill in. If you have any concerns for removing dangerous trees please don’t hesitant to call a professional tree service.

Once the stump has been ground down enough, you should rake all of the wood chips from the hole. You can then fill this hole with screened topsoil. You should tamp the soil down and lightly rake it. If you have lawn around the stump area, you should spread an even layer of grass seeds then rake them into the soil.

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